Food & Beverage 

At Nina Catering we use products that we love. Often seasonal, organic where possible, refined and we prepare our dishes in a contemporary way. Food should make you feel good and energetic and is an important part of any celebration. The dishes, the style of cooking and the feeling that we embrace at Nina Catering is ‘seasonal soul food’. At Nina Catering we believe there is always something in life to celebrate. And we consider it a challenge to turn your ideas into a culinary reality. Our whole team is involved in the process, from design to execution according to our client’s wishes. Yes, you!

If you are looking for quality food and beverages you have come to the right place. In addition to preparing the food, Nina Catering also has experience with:

  • Themed dining and events
  • Food trucks and food markets
  • Fully-stocked wine and cocktail bars 
  • Health concepts; fresh juices and salads
  • Coffee and snack stations


Nina Catering’s team shares their combined knowledge and experience to bring dishes from around the world to the table. We are inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, but like to intertwine it with the Asian cuisine. Nina Catering’s philosophy is in line with Mediterranean cooking: it all starts with good products. 

At Nina Catering we use products that we love! We choose seasonal products of course, but that is not the only condition. Our chefs use ingredients that meet a number of requirements, including sustainability and authenticity. A mozzarella, for example, should be beautifully soft and creamy, and have an Italian DOP label. Our meat comes from animals that have been raised by farmers who take good care of them, without unnecessary levels of antibiotics and hormonal growth promoters. Our MSC-labelled fish and seafood products are sourced daily from our quality fishmonger.

These top-quality ingredients, of known origin, in a lovingly composed menu, with good company around you, guarantee a Nina Catering experience. Food with a soul; seasonal soul food!