The way we work

At Nina Catering we solely use products that we love. Seasonal, organic when possible, always refined and we serve our dishes in a contemporary way; in presentation as well as the tableware we serve it on. The dishes, the style of cooking and the feeling that we embrace at Nina Catering is ‘seasonal soul food.’ Food to make you feel good, boost your mood, seduce and celebrate. At Nina Catering we believe there is always something in life to celebrate. And we consider it a challenge to turn your ideas into a culinary reality. Our whole team is involved in the process, from design to execution according to our client’s wishes. Yes, you!

There is something to celebrate, now what?

We start off by gathering your ideas and wishes. What is your idea of the perfect event? Based on these wishes, Nina Catering gives advice and comes up with a number of ideas. If you like them, we will make a proposal with a matching offer. We also understand you may change your mind for unexpected reasons, so in the run-up to the event there is always room for adjustments.

So far so good, but what are we going to have?

At Nina Catering we use products that we love. We cook with the seasons and our menu proposals match the ingredients that are at their peak at any given time. Please inform us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions or food NOT to serve. It will help save hassle!

For a get-together, walking dinner or sit-down dinner you have found the right caterer! At Nina Catering, sustainability comes first and we try to reduce food waste as much as possible. And wouldn’t the world become a better place if we all shared a bit more? 

Then what…?

Well, we then look at what else is needed to make your event complete and run flawlessly. We think of things you might not have thought of as of yet. Thanks to many years of experience, we can support your event organisation or take over the reins so you don’t have any stress. The following matters are just an example of what Nina Catering can take care of:

  • Wine selection, cocktails and fully-stocked (cocktail) bars
  • Furniture, crockery and glassware
  • Event styling 
  • Experienced and professional staff

Please take a look at our photos to see what we can do for you.